Corruption as an adjective means ”utterly broken”
As a verb it means ”Bad”
As a noun – ”Improper”

Corruption is an action carried out to secretly provide a good or a service to someone so that he/she can influence certain actions which benefit the corrupt, the person or both in which the corrupt agent has authority.

Specific act of corruption include:-
Bribery, Embezzlement and Extortion.

Different sector in which corrupt act take place include:
The government, political parties, Judicial, unions, schools, police, NGO(s) etc.

Political corruption is the use of powers by the government officials for illegitimate private gain.
The police specific form of misconduct is to obtain benefits in exchange for not pursuing an investigation or an arrest.
The Judicial has to do what the misconduct of judges.
The unions corrupt acts leads to denial of workers right.

Culture and acceptance of it by populace
Ethnic and religious difference resource scramble
Ineffective political processes
Lack of transparency
Low deterrent
Poor pay incentives
Lack of openess in public services
Absence of effective political financing poverty.
Decades back, corrupt practise was something to be ashamed of. It was a rear phenomenom.
Anybody caught in any corrupt act would be punished.
The person even carrying out the practise would hide his/her misdeed in the fear of been exposed.

Now, it has become a global phenomenom. As the year roll by corruption has been a thing to be overlooked.The virus has eaten deep and people no longer care if they are caught, exposed or not.
every life style includes one corrupted activity or the other. The entire system has been effected by this virus and it is absolutely incurable.
Notwithstanding, this virus can be cured but that is if the whole system wants to be cured of corruption.
This decision is by choice and it can only be achieve when every individual thinks of it has a bad act.
It’s until people start realising it destroys one’s reputation. And affects one generation.
If no one sees or think of the aftermath of corruption then it is definately incurable.

Generally people now take corruption as a way of life.
Remember it is even more difficult to improve a decayed system than make a new clean system.

So, what now?

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