Always remember that you carry in your hand a torch which shows the rest of the World who you are. If you decide to put the light out, you’ll grope in darkness. If you decide to make it shine brighter, you’ll be illuminated. If you decide to oppress others like Adolf Hilter did, always remember his end. If you decide to liberate the society like Late Nelson Mandela, always remember the respect accorded to him all over the world.
Remember that you can do nothing without God. Therefore allow him lead you.
Show me a nation full of goodness and I will show you a nation filled with determined and united people.
Our destiny is in our hands. Don’t sell it.
Most corrupt leaders use people as tools to carry out their nefarious acts.
The simple truth is that without you and me, they can’t perpetrate their evil deeds.
Don’t go in search of filthy lucre. Your value is not determined by your valuables. You might end up losing it in a sorry way.
There is joy in integrity.

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