Life is God’s gift to mankind. Most people think it isn’t God’s gift…[atheists especially]. They think life just came about through a successive generation or through some biological species.
Not trying to go into the theological aspect but on a serious note; life is God’s gift! God allowed continuity and when he says our stay on earth is over, life’s opposite takes place [i.e DEATH].
Your Existence in life is for a purpose. Life doesn’t evolve in our day 2 day activities. It should be based on our achievements, fulfilment and great choices. You need to live a purposeful life by making impact positively in other people’s life. You need to leave a trail for others to follow.
Though life can be so unfair and makes people wonder if its worth living. the circumstances and tragedies in life make some people think of what seem a definite solution-suicide. This is the trail some leave and others follow thinking if you are in tough times [either, emotionally, financially, physically, academically, maritally etc] just commit suicide. What people can’t come into terms to understand is the fact that no one can avoid challenges of life.
No being can just exist without going through the Biological process of life which includes:-
Respiration, Death, Irritability, Movement, Reproduction, Nutrition, Adaptation, Growth and Competition.
Life is based on competition… competitions; not only in material, marital, business, achievements or academic aspect…. But competition with life’s challenges and the tough situations that appears right in front of you. You need to compete with these and come out as a winner… and if you don’t win, just overcome that challenge [don’t let it over power you] and move on with life. And when you forge ahead in life, don’t reflect on past situations. Don’t think of what you’ll ve done to avoid that situation. The fact that you overcame that challenge is all that matters.
The strongest people in life I’ve known are those who have know defeat, suffering, struggle, loss and have found their way out of it. These people have an appreciation, sensitivity and real understanding of life.
Most people feel life shouldn’t be taken with levity. Yeah this true, considering the happenings in the world generally. Everyone is too cautious and lose that zeal to live a purposeful life.
You don’t have to be a president, governor, activisit or a patriot before you can live a purposeful life. If you don’t have a clue on what else you can do to make your existence worthwhile; here’s what you need to do [or can do] to make your life purposeful.
– Worry about other people
[I.e friend(good and bad), siblings, family, lesspriviledge, orphans, the disabled, the sick, beggars etc].
– Give to people in need
[if you’ve got more than enough and you know your neighbour or any other person is in need, just don’t hesitate; even if you don’t have enough, the little you give will be appreciated and not forgotten].
– Give good advise
[words accomplish much, not just any word but good, and words…. learn to give a piece of what you think about any situation. Your positive word is what people need]
– Encourage others
– Smile to people
[known or unknown, smile to people[dis seem dope] but it means a lot and you’ll be surprised this can help a failing life. Do you know that smiles help your health too?. If you don’t know, find that out yourself!
– Be on a social media and connect with the world [This gives you the opportunity to meet with stranger, creepy, annoying and hilarious people] Your been there could help too.
– Exhibit good characters and make yourself worth emulating.
– Pray!
[ To your creator, pray for other people, pray for yuor family, pray for the sick, pray for the homeless, pray for your Country and the world at large]
All these if perfectly carried out, then you’ve lived a purposeful life. you’ve successful left a trail in which others can follow[that’s if they wish to…lol]. Note that if the world doesn’t recognise you, that’s not just relevant; people around you can never forget you and if they forget, it’s not a problem; your lineage will know that a ‘you’ once existed.
You can not please everyone in life. So do the best you can and make sure you are fulfilled for good.
Most times, the way we plan our lives don’t usually turn out as we expect….. Don’t bother about that, we must be willing to let go of the life we planned in order to have the life that’s waiting for us.
Here’s the summary of life:————by Mother Teresa
Life is an Opportunity – Benefit from it
Life is beauty – Admire it
Life is dream – Realize it
Life is a challenge – Meet it
Life is a game – Play it
Life is a promise – Fulfil it
Life is sorrow – Overcome it
Life is a song – Sing it
Life is struggle – Accept it
Life is tragedy – Confront it
Life is an adventure – Dare it
Life is luck – Make it
Life is too precious – Do not destroy it
Life is life – Fight for it.
Life is a movie, write your own ending; keep believing, keep acting…

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