Elizabeth Ann Velasquez known as Lizzie Valeoquez is an American lady born on March 13, 1989. She was once called the world’s ugliest woman. She was born with a medical condition so rare that only two people in the world are thought to have it.
She weighs just only 60 pounds (27kg) and has no adipose tissue and cannot create muscle, store energy or gain weight. This means she has zero body fat and therefore cannot gain weight.
Having no body fat or muscle tissue makes her prone to injuries that most of us will never think about like stress fractures in her foot from walking or standing, since her feet have no padding.
She is blind in her right eye which began to cloud over when she was 4 years old and has limited vision in the other eye. Doctors have described her condition as a form of Neonatal Progeroid Syndrome.
Her age was 23 in Sept 2013, a time when she was nearing graduation from Texas State University majoring in Communication Studies.
She is a motivational speaker known for public speaking anti-bullying activism, public appearances and book authorship. She inspired women in ’12 during an inter view with CNN, she said that people should stop staring and start learning!.
She has written 3 books; her second book in 2012 has an intriguing title, ”Be beautiful, Be you”. In that book, she advocated that appearance didn’t matter, one should love oneself for what one is. She is a Roman Catholic. She has also spoken out about her belief in God. She said God has blessed her with the greatest blessings of her life which is her Syndrome [her medical condition].
Hmmmn…..the so called ugliest woman in the world, weighing only 60pounds, no body fat, no muscle tissue, unpadded feet, prone to stress fractures, yet she tells people to shine and be beautiful.
Now check yourself out… You are complete with 2 hands, legs, eyes etc you are fearful and wonderfully made by God! yet you think less of yourself.
Quit mourning your situation! A better and greater tomorrow lies ahead of you!.

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