There’s a story about a family who had the pastor over for dinner, and mum asked their five- year – old to pray over the food.
Puzzled, the child asked, ‘what should I say’?
Her mum replied, just say what you’ve heard me say ‘so bowing her head, the little girl prayed,
‘Dear God, why on earth did I invite the pastor over to dinner?’
Let’s be honest, hospitality is hard work. It involves sacrifice. But you are to do this ungrudgingly. [without complaining].
A man conducting a church survey wrote to a nationally synidicated advice columist, that of almost 200 churches he visited, he was spoken to in only one by someone other than an ‘official greeter’ – and that was to tell him he was sitting in their seat!.
It’s so easy to extend love to people you know…. But what of people you don’t know? And those who don’t fit in your social circle? Yes, you can find excuses – you’re too busy, you don’t wanna get involved and you are uncomfortable around strangers.
But God says you represent him… and that means sacrificing your time and money, going out on a limb for people you don’t know or even like…That’s practising hospitality!

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