In the fast rapid and busy times it is likely that most of the population gets trapped in the lack of time to visit the hospital. The belief is to have a one all cure medication or pill to cure all. The problem is compounded with the lack of serious regulation for the pharmaceutical industry, giving rise to quackery, under dosage, over dosage, and a plethora of drug abuse. Drugs such as antibiotics ampiclox; analgesics such as aspirin and ibruprofen. All medications has side effects and should be taken with caution, presciption should be by authorised personnel and compliance to prevent any overt drug resistance whereby efficacy is reduced caustic substances such as touch and go ground bottles and shells, magical all cure powders should be legally and officially prohibited. Placing of tablets on the oral muccous membrane should be discouraged.
Conventional wisdom always is a visit to the dental sugery.
– Medical, Social History.
Medicine prides itself as a science based on evidence and knowledge. The history most often tells you and guides you to the diagnosis. The body works in arelated way and there is a complex inter-twining of processes that history and examination often helps give an insight to the diagnosis of the condition. There are conditions that will be diagnosed mainly by the social history, consumption of food types, social habits whether a smoker, or a drinker of alcohol, wines and spirits. Occupational hazards like farming due to exposure to sunlight can lead to a diagnosis. Even overt actions like drug abuses, inhalation of substances, use of snuff, betel nut chewing, others like tobacco, kolanut chewing, coffee drinking e.t.c. The wrong usage of drugs, reactions of drugs, the interactions, allergies and so forth can point the doctor in the direction of a definitive diagnose hence, it is not to be assumed that the questions the doctor is asking are irrelevant.
– Abrasion of Teeth
This is a condition that affects the teeth surfaces mainly the outer layer enamel and next layer (inner) dentine is similarly worn. The main cause of the condition is the over-brushing of teeth, exerting excessive force during tooth-brushing. Abrasion is soon most at the teeth, around the corner of the mouth, these teeth are called canines and the pre-molar. The attrition makes such teeth become sensitive to hot or cold drinks and sweetened food stuffs. The dentine contains nerve fibres that elicit sensations of the teeth.
– Abscess
An abscess of any form refers to collection of pus; the pus could be bacterial in origin Abscesses can occur in any part of the bodytissue. If the abscess originated from the tooth, it is referred to as dento-alveolar abscess. The abscess resulting from the invasion of the tooth pulp, a consequence of dental decay which destroys the protective layers of the teeth enamel and dentine. The result is that the pulp becomes exposed to bacteria. These bacteria are nominally resident in the mouth, saliva. Whenever there is a dental abscess, affected teeth become painful making eating and sleeping difficult and general discomfort. The gums and other tissues becomes, swollen. If a formed tooth abscess is not treated, it may track through the tissue spaces…..resulting in spread of infection. There is a potential to spread to organs of the body like the brain or through the neck into the lungs leading to difficulty in breathing or even death.
– Accesory Teeth
The word accessory describes an additional or an excess to the normal complement of teeth. The accesory teeth can be found anywhere in the teeth bearing areas of the jaws, upper lower jaw. It often is referred to as double teeth Acromegaly:- This condition affects many bones in the body, this includes facial bones. The cause being the over production of a hormone, growth hormone by a part of the gland in the body called the anterior pituitary gland. Some of the features seen in the condition is the enlargement of the bones of the hands especially the digits, the fingers, feat enlargement and nose. Headache is also a common symptom.
– Acrylic
This is a chemical substance which is basically plastic it is used for tooth restoration and removable partial denture. The drawback in the use of acrylic is the rate of wear and tear and the colour which tends 2 be discoloured.


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